Borderlands Strategy Guide – Mordecai Part 1

Mordecai is the hunter. He’s a master of long range combat, preferring sniper rifles as his weapon choice, but if things get too close for comfort, he’s quite skilled with his revolver.

His action skill revolves around his beloved pet Bloodwing. He can send the ferocious creature out to say hello to his enemies. They usually don’t say hello back. The Bloodwing uses its mighty beak and claws to tear its targets to shreds and pouring points into certain skills can make it more effective.

Under normal conditions, with added skills, your Bloodwing will attack one enemy and then come back to you. If there are no enemies in sight, it will fly around you for 18 seconds, looking for enemies, before finally returning to its perch.

Mordecai is the ideal character for snipers. If you tend to gravitate towards spray-and-pray gameplay, than this isn’t the class for you. This class is for those who like to take things slow. Make no mistake about it, Mordecai is definitely a killing machine, but more of a slow and sure one than the other characters. But that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own in close quarters combat. Like I said above, he’s adept with revolvers and his Bloodwing can also make short work of nearby foes.

Mordecai’s three skill branches are sniper, rogue, and gunslinger. While you can choose any route you want, and after a little experimenting you’ll probably end up with something successful, this is a surefire method to turn Mordecai into an effective solo vault hunter.

Assuming you chose this character for sniping, start off by putting points into the caliber and deadly skills. These two will ramp up your sniper rifle damage and critical hit damage, respectively. Critical hits with the sniper rifle can do massive amounts of damage to almost any enemy.

Like Roland and his turret, Mordecai’s falcon can be your greatest asset in solo play, so you’ll want to start upgrading its abilities early on. The swift strike skill is in the first tier of the second branch and will upgrade the bird’s speed and damage. If you find yourself dying more often than you’d like, go for either out for blood, which gives you health when your Bloodwing does damage, or riotous remedy, which boosts your health regeneration upon killing enemies. If health isn’t an issue, go for the smirk and lethal strike skills.

In the third tier, upgrade carrion call and predator as much as you can to reduce your bird’s cooldown time. Ultimately, you’ll want to unlock the rogue branch’s ultimate skill, birds of prey, which lets your Bloodwing attack more targets before returning. Aerial impact, a third tier rogue skill, is always a solid choice, as it further increases your Bloodwing’s effectiveness.

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