Borderlands Sequel Very Possible

It comes as no surprise that Borderlands has been met with huge success.  The game is currently available on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and an expansion pack was released not too long ago to much critical acclaim.  About a month ago, the game’s creative director Mike Neumann stated that a sequel seemed like a no-brainer and that Borderlands 2 could possibly be confirmed.  If you don’t feel like taking Neumann’s word for it, then just look at the numbers.  Borderlands has managed to sell like a bajillion copies to date, holding its own against some of today’s most popular series.

While bearing the news of Max Payne 3’s delay, Take-Two Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick made the brash but seemingly appropriate remark that Borderlands was clearly “showing every sign of becoming an important, long-term franchise.”  This is a big claim to make, but it’s justified given Borderlands’ huge popularity.  “Long-term” can mean a number of things, but it’s safe to assume that in addition to the numerous expansions which are highly likely, a Borderlands 2 seems very probable and fits the description of “long-term franchise.”

As if that wasn’t enough to warrant a Borderlands sequel, it appears that Gearbox Software has decided to trademark the term “Borderworlds.”  Coincidence much?  Probably not.  If the developers do plan on releasing a sequel to Borderlands, then the name Borderworlds doesn’t sound all that far-fetched.  Of course only time will tell what transpires and what the future of Borderlands holds.  But the facts are out there, and they almost all point to a sequel.

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