Borderlands: Special Steam Preorder Bundle

Gearbox Software recently announced that Borderlands has gone gold.  That came as a welcome surprise to many gamers who had been anticipating the game since it was first mentioned back in 2007.  This means that release dates are now, for the most part, final.  So, no more delays for the highly anticipated RPG/FPS hybrid.  Another bit of news regarding Borderlands regards the Steam version of the game.  The digital distributor is now offering a special Borderlands preorder bundle.

The game currently has a preorder price tag of $44.99, but for just $134.99, gamers who preorder Borderlands will receive four copies of the game.  What can you do with four copies?  Send them out to your friends, of course.  This is a great deal for those small circles of friends who enjoy online shooters.  For those of you who may not have done the math, the four-pack can save you $44.99, the price of one copy of the game.

With the recent announcement that Borderlands has officially gone gold and a special preorder bundle through Steam, it seems that Gearbox is trying to deliver something special to gamers everywhere.  There’s really no reason to miss out on this four-pack bundle, unless, of course, you don’t have any friends.  But if you are a social person with three other gamer pals who all want to blast one another while leveling up, then let them know about the special Steam offer.  Borderlands will be available to PC gamers October 26 (North American version) and October 30 (PAL version).

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  1. Lol, Gearbox have said that the game will feature a single player campaign as well. There’s nothing to excuse you for not playing it. Except the game being crap, of course.

  2. Hmm, I actually think the game looks quite good. Why would you think it’s crap, joar?

    But this bundle doesn’t sound that good to be honest, sure, you save over $30, but still, it just seems a bit pointless, but the price is good.

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