Borderlands PC: Steam Release, Extra Features

Last week, we reported that the PC version of Borderlands had been delayed.  At the time, Gearbox reps hadn’t given a reason for the delay.  Well, if you were one of the few who was completely outraged by the appalling six-day delay (and we hope you weren’t because, come on, it was only six days), ease your mind and relax a bit.  We here at GamerSyndrome are intent on delivering some good news for you.  No, the delay has not been called off.  Gamers will still have to wait about a week longer to play the PC version of Borderlands.  But before you emotionally implode because of that news, you should know the reasons why.

Gearbox’s Steve Gibson made an official announcement to Destructoid and stated that Borderlands would be released for download on Steam.  Gibson also mentioned that the desktop release would include several features that will definitely not be seen on home console versions.  Weapons can be exported via item cards in .jpg format, so if players collect a weapon of mass awesomeness that no one in their circle of friends has, they’ll be able to share it with them.  In addition to that interesting feature, Borderlands for the PC will come with special menu and inventory systems designed exclusively around the mouse input option.  Another little extra is the addition of timedemo benchmark software, which is exclusive to the PC.  Last, but certainly not least, if played on a high-end system, the PC version of Borderlands will show off the most impressive graphics of all three versions of the game.

So, there you have it.  PC gamers will have to wait about a week to play Borderlands, but when they do, it’s pretty much going to be an enhanced version of the game.  Does that sound worth it?

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  1. I’m seeing some interest in this game by a few GS members. My proposal is – since the game is co-op, why not team up/play together. The time zones will have their effect, but not that much. I’ll definitely be getting the game(unless something unexpected comes up and stops me) so, anyone interested(with the PC version) – post here. If not, guess i’ll be LFP-ing.

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