Borderlands Designer Weighs in on Disappointing Ending

Despite Borderlands critical success – the console version currently stands at 83 on metacritic – the ending has been criticized pretty heavily. It’s seen by many to be a lackluster and disappointing cap on such an enjoyable campaign. In an interview with the game’s lead designer, Paul Helquist, MTV Multiplayer brought up the poorly-received ending.

“We went through lots of different iterations on what the ending of the game was. We ultimately ended up with what you get to play. We didn’t know how people were going to react to it. Obviously the reaction hasn’t been as strong as we had hoped [laughs]. That’s something we’re going to be keeping in mind as we do new things, whether it’s download content or other games in the future. We’re gonna think more about it and try to get more user feedback before the game comes out so we can ensure that we’ll have endings that you guys like in the future.”

But Helquist did see a bright side:

“I think what’s great about where we did leave the player is that we have pretty much infinite options of where we want to go next. We aren’t currently working on a sequel or anything like that, so that stuff is way down the line, but just from my point of view, it’s sort of an open book in terms of where we want to go. We can go in directions that continue to explore the vault mythology or we can do something completely different. The ending of the game, for better or worse, didn’t paint us into any corners.”

To be honest, I didn’t mind the quick ending. Maybe it’s because I put more stake in the overall experience than the last few moments, or maybe my standards have just been lowered. Recent games don’t seem to have the memorable endings of the games of yesteryear.

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