Borderlands 2 Inevitable?

You heard right, kiddies!  Apparently, the success of the much-awaited, much-delayed RPG/FPS hybrid game which is currently available on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 has pretty much guaranteed that a sequel will be produced.

In an interview on British website VG247, studio creative director Mike Neumann stated that given the new franchise’s success and popularity thus far, a Borderlands sequel seemed like a no-brainer.  “Yes, I can probably confirm that there’s a chance of a Borderlands 2,” said Neumann when asked if there was any chance that a sequel would be produced.

Neumann made it clear that the folks over at Gearbox were currently focusing on DLC and nothing more, but that Borderlands 2 had come up as “water cooler talk.”  As it stands, Gearbox representatives did not comment on Neumann’s statements.

A Borderlands sequel would definitely seem like the ideal choice for Gearbox what with the success of the first game.  Despite numerous delays, Gearbox Software was able to deliver a game that satisfied most and received high review scores.  Borderlands, the part shooting, part stats management, all action game, managed to win gamers over with its blend of role-playing and frantic shooting action, online play, and highly stylistic graphics.  It would definitely be in Gearbox’s best interests to release a sequel somewhere along the line.

For now, gamers should stay focused on the first game.  After so many delays, you better believe Gearbox isn’t ready to move on just yet.  And with DLC in the works, it is apparent that Borderlands still has a lot of life left in it.  Now, we turn our attention to you, the gamers.  Does a Borderlands sequel seem like a guarantee at this point?  What changes should be made to the formula?  What can make the game better?  When exactly would be the ideal time to release Borderlands 2?

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