Bomberman Live: Battlefest announced

Hudson has announced the sequel to Bomberman LiveBomberman Live: Battlefest will feature the same action only found in Bomberman, but Hudson has unleashed a stock of new features.

8-person online multiplayer returns to the series.  This time, however, teams are supported.  4 on 4 matches can be held over a variety of new game modes.  4-player local multiplayer is also supported.

Hudson describes the new multiplayer game modes as follows:

Protect the VIP! Two teams of four each have one VIP on their squad. Unfortunately, the VIP is so important, they can’t set any bombs! You’ll have to work together to defend with your other team mates who must escort the VIP to a designated point at the other end of the arena.

Capture the Flag
The classic multiplayer game is here in full form! Both teams have a flag so both teams will need to both attack and defend their flags as well. Coordinate effectively as a team to come out on top! It’s CTF, Bomberman style!

Capture the Crown
First appearing in Bomberman Blast, Capture the Crown makes a triumphant return! Players start on the edges of the arena with one crown in the middle. The player who is able to hold onto the crown the longest wins!

It’s points for power-ups! Players earn points for bombing other players, destroying blocks, and so on. The twist? Destroying blocks rarely yields a power-up. At the end of each match, you’ll trade in your points gained for power-ups in the menu in between matches. Bomb wisely!”

Players will also see a variety of new power-ups, characters and arenas.  Additionally, Xbox Live players will be able to take their avatar into online matches and control it to demolish other opponents.

Bomberman Live: Battlefest is schedule to release this winter on the Xbox LIVE Arcade.  A release on Playstation Network and WiiWare will occur sometime in 2010.

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  1. Sounds pretty cool, I was always a Bomberman fan, it seriously is a good party game. My friends and I would play this for hours upon hours, a good few twists on this makes for some awesome games.

  2. I received Bomberman Live for free after redeeming a 12 month Xbox Live code, and I have to say, I got pretty bored of it quickly.

    I hope they make it a more appealing experience.

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