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Blizzard recently announced that Ozzy Osborne will be attending Blizzcon as a special guest and will also give the fans a concert. Some gamers think this is some cheap trick to distract them from the waiting of Starcraft 2. Others think it’s just a really bad campaign move.  However most just bought the tickets and they have been all sold out in matter of minutes. I feel that this move really is quite cheesy and honestly doesn’t really matter for Blizzards games. Tell you what will surely get even more people to attend Blizzcon. News on the WoW movie. If there was a small announcement or some actor that would play in the movie fans would storm the place like crazy leaving nothing but rubble.

For some of you that didn’t know there has been progress on the making of the movie. Sam Rairi (Spider-man) will be the person directing the movie and the script is in writing for over two years by Gary Whitta (Book of Eli, Futurama). Hope are high and if the cards are played right a block buster is on our doorstep. However nobody mentioned the information we all need. When will the movie come out?! If there is one thing I hate it’s speculations and it’s speculated that it’s release date is 2012. That means 5 years +-. Oh well, live and let live right?

Until we get any new products from Blizzard I suggest spending time creatively by watching an old viral video:



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  1. Can’t argue with that. You know what would’ve made a good guest? Some of the top players of Diablo 2 and WoW making a guest appearance. That’d be pretty cool.

    They’d have to invite me, I was practically the original Meleesorc on Diablo 2. XD

  2. Well I suppose it increased ticket sales…even though its a bit odd. Despite being a huge metal fan, I don’t really like Ozzy that much. It sounds on the movie front like everything is really speculative atm, so it might be a while before we actually see a release.

  3. badger badger badger badger! anyways, what does ozzy have to do with blizzard, id rather see some game demos or maybe a game related presentation i think.

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