BioShock Movie – New Director

The BioShock movie is set to a new director – Juan Carlos Fresnadillo(what a long name) will replace Gore Verbinski as the director of BioShock, while Verbinski remains a producer.

Personally i’ve never heard of this  Fresnadillo guy, nor saw any of his movies, but replacing Verbinski is certainly a step down.

Searching i only found one movie directed by him – 28 Weeks Later. Let’s hope the new director does good and the movie turns out better than any Uwe Bol production. I’ll sure hate it if such a good story such as BioShock fails as a movie because of a bad director.

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  1. I like how nowadays movies are being made about games, however, I absolutely hate how they are delaying the movies, take the Halo movie for example..

  2. All movies based on the games are too far not similar. Did you watch Silent hill and comparing it to the movie men it was far not the same. Even with the movie dragon balls.

  3. @joar really? I thought the Laura Croft Tombraider movies where pretty decent. I liked ALL the resident evil movies and the Final Fantasy movie 🙂 .. the list kind of goes on.. I agree I didn’t actually watch DBZ, the trailer looked so ridiculous that I passed on that one.. but to say there was no game movies that where even decent is a little harsh!

  4. BTW there are a few great looking game movies coming out that may be worth checking out: Mortal Kombat Devastation, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Resident evil – Afterlife and The King of Fighters (this one I admit might be a flop)

  5. The Prince Of Persia movie i will watch, even if it’s crap, considering, that Prince Of Persia is one of my favorite games ever. The Final Fantasy movie was a CG released by Square Enix – the original creators of FF. Unknown how, it turned out really bad. I can’t explain that. The Laura Croft movies were pretty much boring and the only thing that kept me from falling asleep was Angelina Jolie. Resident Evil, Silent Hill.. boring.. I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but i can’t think of one movie, based on a game that i actually liked.

  6. I thought Mortal Kombat fared okay because it had a decent soundtrack that acknowledged its origins. But that was my era. 🙂

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