Bioshock 2 Delayed to 2010

The list of games getting pushed from Fall 2009 to 2010 has grown once again. Publisher Take-Two has announced that Bioshock 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2007 first person shooter, will be delayed until fiscal year 2010. Take-Two specified two main motivations behind the delay, both to give the developers additional time to meet fan expectations, and to give the title more of a chance competitively.

The original Bioshock released in August 2007, only a month before the hugely marketed Halo 3, but did extremely well nonetheless, selling over 2 million copies on the Xbox 360 alone. Bioshock 2 likely could have held its ground against any competition, but Take-Two might be wary of Modern Warfare 2’s massive popularity taking a hit out of Bioshock 2’s sales.

In early 2010, there will be less competition and less chance of Bioshock 2 being lost among other new games. However, other big hits like Mass Effect 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and potentially even Starcraft II might also be hitting in early 2010, perhaps making it more crowded than publishers initially expected. In any case, fans will now have to wait a little longer to return to the underwater dystopia of Rapture.

Modern Warfare 2 seems to be playing a role in the rapidly thinning release schedule of Fall 2009, scaring away many publishers from releasing games in the same time period. Do you think Take-Two made a wise decision in delaying Bioshock 2? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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  1. Also gives technology a chance to sharpen up a bit as well. Though I hate delays, I always say “We’ve waited this long, a few more months wont really mean anything.”, and besides, I’d rather they had time to fix whatever critical bug they find or add in things dropped due to time constraints.

    Man I’m a parrot, I’m looking forward to this, even though I hate underwater environments. XD

  2. How many games have underwater environments? The only ones that come to mind are Bioshock and maybe Zelda with a few of the water temples.

    Seems like an odd thing to hate haha.

  3. Quite a small handful, but games that take place almost-entirely underwater are very rare indeed. Ecco games are on that list, as is Bioshock, that one diving game, and uh…

    Uh……… That’s really it.

  4. It’s kind of odd that you would hate them when they are so rare :D. Why do you buy these ecco and diving ones, which I’ve never heard of, if you don’t like underwater environments for some reason?

  5. I’m actually pretty happy with the way everything is being delayed. The games end up being better products, and I have more time to clear up my backlog that has been growing to be an intimidating task.

  6. I’ve got to say I’m glad that this fall will pretty much be free to Modern Warfare 2. That way I don’t have to make hard choices about what to spend time and money on, since its the only option 😀

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