Bill created in Brazil to outlaw offensive video games.

Bill created in Brazil to outlaw offensive video games.

Brazilian senator Valdir Raupp just recently created a bill to make importing and distributing offensive video games illegal in the country of Brazil.   The bill (English translation here) has been placed on the table and will be voted on in the near future by the Committee on Constitution and Justice.  The bill states, “ ‘the law shall punish any acts of discrimination against the rights and freedoms.’ Thus we believe that freedom of expression in video games can not be confused with anarchy, disrespect to the image and honor of people and faiths and their scriptures.”  If the bill passes then those who still wish to disobey the law will have to face one to three years in prision and pay a fine.

Brazil is making this move after seeing countries like Venezuela, China, Germany, and Austrailia all make moves to ban particular video games in their country.  Austrailia has already banned six games this year, and two of them were just last week.  China has also banned many online games that have mafia-like themes to them.  In light of all of these movements to supress the creation and distribution of violent video games, a gamer can’t help but fear if it will happen in their country.  We would hate to see this happen in countries like Canada and America, and we are probably safe to assume that even if that move was made it wouldn’t be any time soon, and it would probably be met with much uprising.

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