Bejeweled 2 Review


Platform– iPhone

Developer– PopCap Games

Release date– August 20, 2008

Price– $2.99

Average rating– 4/5

Bejeweled is the most well known match three game to date. It’s a classic internet game that has been ported to multiple systems. Bejeweled 2 definitely lives up to the original. Providing three game modes, improved graphics, and an affordable price tag, it is just what would be expected from a high quality developer such as PopCap Games. While the gameplay remains the same, so does the fun that it brings.

For those who have never experienced a Bejeweled game, the object is to swap gems to make matches of three or more. This is done by simply swiping a gem in the desired direction, or tapping one gem, then another. This simplistic goal is what makes this game so addictive. You’ll always want to play just one more game to try to beat your high score.

Bejeweled 2 features three modes of play; classic, action, and endless. In classic mode, your goal is to make matches and fill the gauge at the bottom of the screen, advancing a level when you do so. In action mode, that gauge starts going down, slowly at first, then faster. The only way to prevent it from ending your game is to make matches. Endless mode is more relaxing, making matches at your own pace.


Whichever mode you prefer, there are a few ways to achieve the high score. The easiest is to make matches with more than three gems in them. Doing this makes a special gem that, when matched, causes an explosion that destroys surrounding gems. Another is to make consecutive matches; one set falling down and letting another match be made in the same turn.

If you’re a fan of the Bejeweled franchise, or just match three games, you should definitely check out Bejeweled 2. The graphics and sound effects compliment the traditional gameplay perfectly, providing hours of gem swapping fun.

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  1. I’ll admit that I’ve played this a lot. I saw it parodied in one comic once, where a guy was trying to find a game that was easy to learn, ran on windows and linux, no lava, and a host of other requirements.

    “Bejeweled? Of all the games you could find it was Bejeweled?”

    “The diamond at the top left.”
    “Oh, thanks, I’M NOT PLAYING!!”

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