Bayonetta Takes Bullet Time and Slaps You in the Face With it

That’s right, Bayonetta will be featuring a sort of time control feature to help you cut down tons of foes.  That doesn’t necessarily mean those familiar with the bullet time concept (otherwise known as the overly recycled feature with many names) will know how to wield it.  Check out the Witch Time feature in the video below:

[gametrailers 59531]

If you’ve been under a rock for a while you probably don’t know much about this game.  Bayonetta is what would happen if Devil May Cry and Awesome Kickassery got together to make beautiful, hairy babies.  The game is all about stylish action that Dante’s series made so popular and features a witch who’s completely covered in hair.  What may sound totally gross at first glance is actually… no, it’s still gross, but you can barely notice.  Since she’s a witch and all she has the ability to use her hair to slay countless demons, all while looking like a hot librarian.

Bayonetta hits retail shelves on January 5th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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