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The Swedish game developer DICE demonstrated their new Battlefield title at E3 2009, with playable booths for members of the press. They also released a promotional trailer for the game’s multiplayer mode, which can be viewed below. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the successor to the first console exclusive Battlefield title, Battlefield Bad Company. The original Battlefield Bad Company pioneered destructible environments in first person shooters, and DICE is improving on their foundation by significantly upgrading the destruction in Bad Company 2.

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Battlefield Bad Company, despite being released almost a year ago, still sets the standard for destructible environments in first person shooters. This focus on destruction is especially evident in Bad Company’s multiplayer modes. The large, open ended maps and destructible buildings create a different play style than the small, indestructible maps used in most other multiplayer FPS titles.

However, Battlefield developer DICE isn’t content to simply rest on the standard they set, and is committed to making Battlefield Bad Company 2 bigger and better than its predecessor in every way. Buildings can now be completely demolished by powerful enough explosives. Bullets and other projectiles will also scar the environment more realistically, leaving bullet holes, craters, and chipped concrete wherever they impact.


DICE is also adding more variety to the environments in Battlefield Bad Company 2. A new Arctic theatre has been shown in screenshots and trailers, and at least one multiplayer map, Port Valdez, will be set in this icebound region. Battlefield Bad Company 2 will have a darker tone than the light hearted original game, and this can be seen by additions of features such as blood.


Multiplayer weapons can now be customized with several different kinds of scopes, similar to the customization in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. On the screenshot above right, the soldier is using an M16 with an optical scope, an example of one of these new customizable options. The soldier on the left in the first screenshot is using an AN94 assault rifle with a red dot sight and a grenade launcher attached, showing that more than one attachment can be used at once, unlike the system in Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, where only one attachment could be equipped on a weapon at one time.


The famous Black Hawk transport helicopter is now usable by the player in multiplayer games of Battlefield Bad Company 2. The Black Hawk was a classic vehicle in DICE’s previous Battlefield 2 PC game. A wide range of vehicles are being implemented in Bad Company 2, from maneuverable and speedy ATVs to attack helicopters and main battle tanks. DICE claims that the new vehicles handle better as well as more realistically.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is scheduled for an early 2010 release for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms.

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  1. Yeah, it’s on PC as well this time.

    Also, DICE recently confirmed they are working on Battlefield 3, but no info other than that.

  2. yeah i heard about BF3 as well, too bad i wont be able to run it. I think once i get some disposable income im gonna get a custome built AlienWare game computer. I hope

  3. I heard from some guys I know that powerful gaming PCs can actually be pretty cheap if you get the right stuff. Even if you buy most of it from like futureshop, just throw in a 9800GTX or whatever for about 200 bucks and its almost top of the line. Total cost would be maybe 700 bucks.

    Personally I just use a laptop and play on my 360, but using a good PC isn’t that much more expensive.

    I also have to write an article about how Microsoft said the 360 isn’t going to be replaced until 2015 or something like that, it will have been around for 10 years. Pretty crazy, nobody wants to bring a new console out now.

  4. yah actually most computers that come from retail in the dual/quad core lines have enough horse power these days for both CPU and Memory they just need a really good video card installed because most of the computers come with these crappy onboard or cheap video cards to save money.

  5. Yeah, you’re definitely right about that. I used to play PC games a lot, Battlefield 1942 and mods and stuff, but later on the games got too complicated, it was like doing tech support every time I wanted to play.

    Battlefield 2 was great when it worked, but it was so hard to get working.

    On the 360, if it doesn’t work properly, its the developer’s fault, not mine haha.

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