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So if you have been reading my posts you will notice I’m not to big on reviews instead I’ll give you the goods on a game and leave it for readers to decide weather or not they will pick up the game.

Anyways Batman Arkham Asylum delivers the goods to fans and non-fans of Batman. This game is a real treat for hardcore fans of the Arkham Asylum comic book, which it follows closely. However this game builds on the flooring that the comic book made and creates an empire around it. Honestly the Arkham Asylum comic book was acclaimed for its storytelling but as a batman fan it is safe to say this game’s story is even better. Truth be told I couldn’t believe this was a batman game, it felt like bioshock.

If you are a true Batman fan you know who the Joker is. In last summers The Dark Knight, film audiences everywhere recognized him as one of the most iconic comic book villains ever thanks to Heath Leger’s performance as the criminal.

The developers at Edio’s where able to create the video game equivalent to the villain from the film, who was voiced brilliantly by Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywaker).

Now aside from the amazing accomplishments in literature comes this games awesome accomplishments in gameplay. Arkham Asylum has two fundamental gameplay elements, stealth combat and brute force hand to hand combat.


If you know your batman you know he is human. So if an enemy has a gun you must use silent kills, takedowns or corner single gunmen in order to win. This was honestly my favourite part of the game because it was like playing splinter cell on roids. Now if this sounds tricky the game gives you a special camera called detective mode which lets you see infrared enemies from afar so you can plot your violence.


For those of us who like to beat the hell out of the bad guys you can do that as well. Basically this game plays as a really refined button masher. Although it doesn’t elevate the genera but it isn’t clunky and is very cinematic with several combos to chose from and if you don’t like hand to hand combat you can use plenty of batman’s gadgets including the baterang, explosive gel and grappling hook.

If you want to do this as long as you like you can unlock challenges by finding a riddle trophy and solving the riddlers riddles or breaking Jokers Teeth. This adds a level of puzzle gameplay which is addictive as hell. On top of challenges you can unlock character bios and trophy’s to take a look at.


Alongside all the great puzzle and combat experiences in the game is a fairly open world to explore. Basically all of Arkham Island is available to explore and the game developers put a ton of detail into the place which makes it a treat to all of us Batman’s fans.

On top of all this great news is the fact that Arkham Asylum costs less then $50 which for a newer game is almost unheard of.

Anyways for those who want a great story, great adventures and great fun for a good price should give this game at least a rent because unless you don’t like violence I can’t see anyone hating this game.

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  1. Huh, doesn’t Batman have a strict policy against killing people no matter what? Eh, anyway, this is one game that’s also on my list of things to get once I’ve got the cash, I’m not big on superheroes, but Batman is one of those heroes who’s power is legit, and not from radioactive whatever.

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