Baseball Sluggers Review


Platform– iPhone
Developer– Com2uS Corp.
Release Date– June 17, 2009
Average Rating– 4.5/5
Price– $0.99

Baseball Sluggers for the iPhone is an amazing example of what pick up and play gaming can be. It offers many game modes, customization. and gameplay that will have you striving for homeruns for hours. All of this presented with beautiful graphics and sound effects; a great game for anyone even remotely interested in baseball.

What makes this game so great is the simplicity of it. Your main goal is to hit homeruns, a task that is easy to learn but hard to master. As the ball is coming at you, you tilt the device to aim the bat, then tap the screen to swing. Timing is key, swing too early and you’ll get a strike, too late and you may hit a foul. The controls feel natural, but somewhat difficult to get used to.

The variety of modes make this game very easy to come back to again and again. You can choose from classic, arcade, match up, and training. The best by far is match up though. After you’re connected to the server it will quickly pair you with an opponent, randomly or by skill level. The winner is the player that scores more homeruns, it’s that simple. There are bonuses as well, from hitting special balls to crashing one into a scoreboard.


Another great feature is the customization options. When you hit a homerun with a gold ball, you can purchase items for your character, everything from shirts to bats. Trying to unlock everything is very addictive, and there is no shortage of things to unlock. An online ranking system makes achieving the best score possible top priority.

Baseball Sluggers is a surprisingly fun game, combining ease of use with addictive gameplay. Almost instant online match ups only add to the experience, making it an amazing one. At the current price of $0.99, there’s no reason to pass up such a well made game.

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  1. looks like a good game however I would have liked to see a full game play feature, for less then a dollar how many copies do they have to sell on the iphone store to make money? I guess a simple game like this is easy to produce?

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