Band hero sued by no doubt

tsk tsk Activision for not learning their lesson with the whole Courtney Love suing them for turning Kurt Cobain into an avatar that can play songs with many of the games playlist not written or sang by Kurt in real life.  Now its No Doubt in the spot light claiming that Activision and Band hero has done the same thing again by turning their likeliness into a “Karaoke Circus” and allowing the bands avatars to be played in songs neither sang or written by the band no doubt.  No doubt states that Activision has clearly breached the contract with the band and is now seeking legal action for damages and a recall of the unsold Band Hero games!.  Is this a trend for more Band hero and Guitar hero games? do you agree that Activision is basically turning these Rockers and Bands “likeliness” into something that portrays them poorly?  Check out the youtube videos below of game play action to decide for yourself.




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