Awesome New Trailer for Aliens Vs. Predator Game

Awesome New Trailer for Aliens Vs. Predator Game

You may or may not know that there’s a video game (recently unbanned down under) based on the recent mash-up of the Aliens and Predator film franchises, called, you guessed it: Aliens vs. Predator.  Below is a brand new trailer for the game, which in my opinion seems to be shaping up into quite the excellent game.  A myriad of details surrounding the game’s multiplayer component have been revealed showing off the option to play as either a human, alien, or Predator (known as the prey, survivor, and hunter in the trailer).  The following video shows off more of the game’s story, made up of a lot of Predators hunting, aliens sprinting, and humans simply trying to survive.  Check it out below:

[gametrailers 60303]

Aliens vs. Predator releases on the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 on February 19th, 2010.

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