Atari Adds Free Arcade Game to its Website

Atari Adds Free Arcade Game to its Website

So maybe you’re stuck in the office with nothing to do but twiddle you thumbs. Maybe your 360 has suffered the wrath of the red ring of death. Well fortunately Atari offer a solution to get that required gaming dose.

After a recent update on their website, Atari now offer a selection of 6 classic arcade games for you to enjoy through your browser.

  • Asteroids
  • Adventure
  • Battlezone
  • Crystal Castles
  • Lunar Lander
  • Yars Revenge

The games even come with built in leader boards so players can track of how well (or crap) they’re playing.

Atari are one of the original pioneers of video games. They helped define the industry from their initial setup in 1972, through to the mid 80’s.

Start playing and get in touch with the roots of the gaming industry.

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