Assassin’s Creed II: Trophies & Achievements Guide


Milestones are earned by reaching specific points in the plot of Assassin’s Creed II.  Therefore, Milestones cannot be missed if the campaign has been completed.

The Birth of an Assassin 20 Bronze Witness Ezio Auditore’s birth
Arrivederci Abstergo 20 Bronze Escape the Abstergo Building
Welcome to the Animus 2.0 30 Silver Enter the Animus in the Assassin’s Hideout
The Pain of Betrayal 30 Silver Complete Sequence 01
Vengeance 30 Silver Complete Sequence 02
Exit the Son 30 Silver Complete Sequence 03
Bloody Sunday 30 Silver Complete Sequence 04
Undertaker 30 Silver Enter the Assassin Tomb under Santa Maria Novella during Sequence 04
The Conspirators 30 Silver Complete Sequence 05
An Unexpected Journey 30 Silver Complete Sequence 06
Bleeding Effect 30 Silver Try out Desmond’s new abilities in the warehouse prior to returning to the Animus (Present 02)
The Merchant of Venice 30 Silver Complete Sequence 07
The Impenetrable Palazzo 30 Silver Complete Sequence 08
Masquerade 30 Silver Complete Sequence 09
Bianca’s Man 30 Silver Complete Sequence 10
The Prophet 30 Silver Complete Sequence 11
The Vault 30 Silver Complete Sequence 14
An Old Friend Returns 100 Gold Escape the Hideout (Present 03)

Secondary Memories & Assassin Tomb

Secondary Memories and objectives insied the Assassin Tomb are not mandatory to completing the campaign for Assassin’s Creed II, though many of them will likely be unlocked after a single playthrough.

Macho Man 10 Bronze Complete a “Beat-Up” mission
Steal Home 10 Bronze Win a “Race” mission
Assassin For Hire 10 Silver Complete an assassination for Lorenzo II Magnifico
I like the view 10 Bronze Synchronize at 10 viewpoints
Venetian Gladiator 20 Silver Complete the objectives inside the Assassin Tomb at Santa Maria della Visitazione
I can see your house from here! 20 Silver Complete the objectives inside the Assassin Tomb at Torre Grossa
Hallowed be thy name 20 Silver Complete the objectives inside the Assassin Tomb at Basilica di San Marco
Prison Escape 20 Silver Complete the objectives inside the Assassin Tomb at theRocca di Ravaldino fortress
Choir Boy 20 Silver Complete the objectives inside the Assassin Tomb at Santa Maria del Fiore

Item Collection

Obtaining a complete collection of certain items or fully upgrading a building can unlock Trophies or Achievements in Assassin’s Creed II.  These usually require some searching around on the players part and are often not all recieved in the first playthrough.  They are not required for completion of the campaign.

Art Connoisseur 10 Bronze Buy two paintings (one from Florence and one from Venice)
Handy Man 10 Bronze Upgrade a building in Monteriggioni
Podesta of Monteriggioni 30 Silver Reach 80% value in Monteriggioni
Myth Maker 5 Bronze Collect all eight Statuettes in Monteriggioni
In Memory of Petruccio 30 Silver Collect all Feathers
Victory lies in preperation 10 Bronze Obtain all Hidden Blade upgrades, Pouch and Belt upgrades, and Armor sets (Uplay bonus not required)
Tip of the Iceberg 10 Bronze Read a hidden Glyph using Eagle Vision
A Piece of the Puzzle 10 Bronze Solve a Glyph Puzzle (after reading a Glyph)
Choir Boy 20 Silver SOlve all 20 Glyph Puzzles

Special Feats

Special Feats are particular acts performed in Assassin’s Creed II that are not necissarily related to the title’s typical gameplay.  Sometimes Special Feats can be unlocked fairly simply by just playing through the campaign, however, sometimes a play may need to purposely set up an ideal situation within the game in which they can attempt each feat.

Lightning Strike 10 Bronze Run a 100 meter sprint
Messer Sandman 10 Bronze Blind four opponents simultaneously by throwing sand
Street Cleaner 10 Bronze Hide five dead bodies
Doctor 10 Bronze Perform on Air Assassination on a Poisoned target
No-Hitter 20 Bronze Defeat ten opponents in a single battle without sustaining damage
Sweeper 10 Bronze Hit five opponents with a charged Sweep Attack
Mailman 10 Bronze Intercept and rob a Borgia courier
Kleptomaniac 10 Bronze Pickpocket 1,000 florins
High Dive 10 Bronze Perform a Leap of Faith
Red Light Addict 10 Bronze CSpend 5,000 florins on Courtesans
Man of the People 10 Bronze Dispense 300 florins using the Throw Coins ability
Perfect Harmony 10 Bronze Dye Ezio’s clothes with two colors: Wetlands Ebony and Wetlands Ivory
Fly Swatter 5 Bronze Kick a guard while flying
Show Your Colors 10 Bronze Wear the Auditore Cape in every town and city
Master Assassin (PS3 Only) N/A Platinum Earn all other trophies

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