Assassin’s Creed II Costumes

Assassin’s Creed II is just around the corner with November 17th release date. That means in just over three days, you and Desmond Miles are going back into the Animus to relive Renaissance Era relative Ezio’s rise and fall, and to maybe figure out what Abstergo and their baddie buddies, the Templar Knights, are doing with that Piece of Eden.

But maybe you don’t want to wait that long to rock the white cloak of the Hashshashin clan? Well, fear not, fellow assassin, the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace has you covered… literally. For a variety of Microsoft Points, you can pick up several different Assassin’s Creed II items – from baseball caps and tee-shirts to the cloaks of both Altair and Ezio. The highest point value goes to the two cloaks, zapping your monnies down 400 points, but hey! The girls love a man in a cloak, know what I’m sayin’?

Unfortunately, from what we understand, unlike the super fashionable Italian that is Ezio, you won’t be able to dye your cloak hot pink… at least not yet.

Check out the Avatar Marketplace for more Assassin’s Creed II stuff, and be sure to check back in the coming days for more (substantial – I promise) info on the return of Desmond and the new world of Ezio.

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  1. That “man in the cloak” line was pretty humorous. It makes you wonder if hot-but-geeky girls dig guys that have the guts to get “in gear” and “into character” by getting costumes based on video game heroes and/or villains….

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