Assassin’s Creed II: Cape Guide

Capes are an effective way for Ezio to quickly manipulate his public profile and avoid unnecessary confrontation or rivalry.  These capes do not act as aidfor concealment, but rather an advertisement of authority or honor.

The following capes may be obtained and used in Assassin’s Creed II.  They may be equipped or swapped by accessing the Outfits option of the in game menu.

A standard cape with a neutral effect on Ezio’s Notoriety.

Ezio recieves the Plain Cape from his father’s Equipment Locker in Sequence 01.

When equipped, the Medici Cape will prevent Ezio from becoming Notorious in the area of Florence and Tuscany.  In these cities, Ezio’s Notoriety will remainat zero and he will be treated as Annonymous by local guards, who will only respond to an illegal or reprehensible act.

Ezio recieves the Medici Cape in Sequence 06.

The Veneitian Cape, possessing qualities similar to the Medici Cape, will allow Ezio to travel under anonymity not in the same regions as the Medici Cape, but rather in Venice and Romagna.

Ezio receives the Venetian Cape in Sequence 09.

The Auditore Cape is very useful when starting from points of low Notoriety.  While it is equipped your Notoriety levels will permanently reach 100%, but allacts committed while wearing this cape will be attributed to Auditore.  Upon removing the cape, your Notoriety will return to what it was prior to equippingthe Auditore Cape.

Unlock the Auditore Cape by completing the first of the Feathers Secondary Memories.

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