Asassins Creed2 Collectors Edition Preview

On 2009 08 03, the official Assassin’s Creed 2 Twitter page revealed that a limited edition (collectors edition) of the game would be made available in Canada and the US exclusively at EB Games/GameStop retail and online locations (official release date not confirmed).  Not a lot of details were released other than a photo of the limited edition packaging and its contents.   As seen in the photo above, it appears to include the game, bonus content disc, Ezio full statue figure, hard cover art book,  and 2 bonus in-game maps. There was no mention of  the cost, however speculation is that the game will come in at about the $80 to $100 range.

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  1. Can’t wait for this game to come out. Not a bad price if it’s only $80-100 considering the game itself is going to be around $65.

  2. It seems like an increasing number of games are now producing such “collectors editions” as this, my guess is that they are trying to make some extra cash to help cope with the recession.

    But also I know that they just wish to thank their fans, it really depends what game you are talking about.

  3. Well harry the more games to play with when your doing nothing and don’t forget to bring on your console.. GAMERZZ SYNDROME!!

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