Aqualux Untapped Released

Today, Milkman Games LLC announced the release of their new game, Aqualux Untapped. The game is an action puzzle gamer where players must direct the flow of water from the start of the board to the first.

While the game idea isn’t exactly original, the game makes itself different from similar titles with its graphical style and the feeling of play. While playing the demo, I found the game to be more relax (on hardcore mode) than other similar games. The game sports over 100 levels, unlockable trophies, and also secret game modes. In addition, if that’s not enough for content, every day more user-created will be released. Alex Liebert, developer of the game, said “

Remember playing those slider puzzles where you rearrange tiles on a board to form a picture? Aqualux combines that with the ‘build a network of pipes while racing the clock’ theme.” A ‘relaxed’ mode is also available in which time is unlimited.

Portals, frozen pipes, twist-able pipes, and enchanted pipes (that are rotated by flowing through special gates) are added to the mix later on, adding new excitement and challenge to the game as players progress through the puzzles.” An online level builder allows creative users to construct their own levels, which are then available to everyone through the game’s Levels of the Day feature. “People who love tinkering with gadgets are having a great time building their own levels; and players keep coming back every day to fresh content, even after they’ve finished the campaign. We’re planning to integrate even deeper user-generated content features into social networks early next year.

The game is available for download from their website here (they have both a web-demo and a downloadable one.)


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