All You Need to Know About RE5’s DLC & Gold Edition

Haven’t touched Resident Evil 5 for a while?  Well, look no more because in a few months you’ll have a couple reasons to insert that dust-ridden disc back into your console.  Come February Capcom will begin releasing two new downloadable episodes, character costumes, and new Mercenary Mode missions for the game and a month later all of the new content will come bundled together on the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition disc.  The second episode hasn’t received a name but the first is called Lost in Nightmares, which looks a little more like Resident Evil returning to its roots (sans zombies) and takes place in the Spencer Mansion familiar to any Resident Evil veteran.  Each piece of DLC will come bundled with two brand new playable characters and will also include new costumes for Sheva and Chris just in case you were getting tired of Chris’ zebra threads.  The DLC release dates are as follows:

RE Release Dates

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