Aliens vs. Predator Multiplayer Details Unveiled

I’ll admit this game really wasn’t on my radar, but this video has changed all that.  Aliens vs. Predator looks great and seems to be shaping up quite nicely, especially the multiplayer, which at this point includes a ton of modes for us to enjoy when the game hits retail shelves next February.  According to the video the multiplayer modes include Deathmatch, Species Deathmatch, Mixed Species, and Team Play, and the game will also include four-player coop.  There’s also a little something called Predator Hunt, where one player controls a Predator and everyone else hunts him down as Marines.  A familiar mode to any veteran gamer but sounds fun nonetheless.

[gametrailers 59496]

Being able to choose between Marines, Aliens, and Predators promises enough variety to keep the game interesting and each race is pretty different.  The Predators have gadgets like cloaking and a variety of visors like the infrared seen in the movies, the aliens are fast and deadly up close, and the marines provide a nice middle ground and long-range weaponry.

Still on the fence?  Why?  This game lets you sneak up behind other players and bite them in the head.  That’s instant win.

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