Aliens vs. Predator – DirectX 11

Rebellion have announced that their upcoming sci-fi shooter, based on the popular franchise, will support the latest version of DirectX – 11. According to Chris Kingsley, lead designer, using DirectX 11, Rebellion will be able to demonstrate the latest in technological development with their new game. The Shader 5.0, for example, will introduce brand new light effects. They have also demonstrated enormous open spaces with zero decrease in framerate. The publishers, Sega, said they consider Aliens vs. Predator one of their biggest projects. The game will be released in the second quarter of 2010 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox360.


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  1. I’m a fan of the AvP games, and this is definitely on my list now. I freaking loved the second one. Your different characters weren’t rehashes of the other with bigger guns, they were worlds apart. That’s what made it a damn good game.

    The first two Marine missions are freaking scary if you play with headphones at night like I do.

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