Alan Wake to Awake in May…Hopefully

Remember Alan Wake ?  No?  Well, that’s understandable.  First announced at E3 ’05, the psychological action thriller soon became nothing more than an urban legend.  Hell, some people were even starting to call it Alan Wake Forever!  (Say what you will, but that Duke Nukem reference will never get old!  Never, I say!)

Gamers saw a handful of screenshots and a clip back in 2005 and nothing more.  Still, this content was enough to get the attention of people everywhere, and the game was soon being tracked by many a gamer.  Then, we heard nothing regarding Alan Wake for what seemed like years and years.  Not too long ago, however, an announcement by a Remedy representative was made revealing that Alan Wake would see the light of day in spring 2010.

Max Payne went bald and grew out a beard while waiting for Alan Wake to be released.
Max Payne went bald and grew out a beard while waiting for Alan Wake to be released.

The game’s release date could have possibly just gotten more specific, as MCV recently announced that a source close to the game specified a late-May launch.  Apparently, the Microsoft/Remedy collaboration will be promoted a la Hollywood.  It is always wise to take rumors such as this one with a grain of salt, though.  You never know what’s true unless it comes straight from the source, and Microsoft has already emphasized that they don’t comment on rumors.

Still, if the game is indeed going to see a May release, then that’s definitely good for gamers and fans who have been following the game since 2005.  Here’s hoping the rumors of the game’s May release are true; it’s starting to get hard coming up with witty article titles about Alan Wake.

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  1. Well, the world is probably short of a Duke Nukem Forever, but I don’t think Alan Wake is it. And thank goodness for that! This game looks and sounds gorgeous!

  2. Since I don’t have a 360, I really hope the indefinitely postponed PC version comes out sooner than later. If not, I may have to shell out the cash for a 360.

  3. I always get nervous when production for a game or movie goes on way too long. It’s usually not good. Too human did this, that game I can’t remember the name where you played as a pirate…or something, it was awful, and of course Duke Nukem. Hopefully this game sees the light of day and is as good as it looks.

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