Alan Wake is Finally Waking

Xbox 360 and PC owners rejoice! If you have been one of the many gamers waiting for Alan Wake to be released, your wait is almost over.

For those who don’t know, the game centers on Alan Wake, a bestselling author who hasn’t written any new work for over two years. To get his creative mind flowing once again, his wife brings him to Bright Falls but then vanishes without a trace. Suddenly, Alan’s characters and creatures from his latest piece of work begin to come to life. Now, he must battle his way to find the solution behind this mystery.


To give you some history, Alan Wake was first announced at E3 2005. When first seen, audiences were amazed by its cinematic trailer.  Its outstanding graphics, riveting storyline and (hopefully) its gameplay were to come together to give an exciting yet terrifying experience. However, since first being seen by the public the game has been in development while continually being delayed time and time again.

Even with this long wait some good news has arrived. Remedy Entertainment, creator of the Max Payne series, has confirmed that the game is essentially finished. The studio has stated that they have completed the game and are just working on the final touches.

Matias Myllyrinne, the Director at Remedy, was quoted saying, “It’s all done, we’re just polishing at this point.”

With the game’s Spring 2010 release date, the Finnish company should have more than enough time to work out any bugs or glitches the game may have in order to deliver a clean and original experience that could give gamers a new take on psychological horror.

For more information, check out the offical Alan Wake site here.

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  1. I had actually forgotten about Alan Wake until I saw this, but I definitely remember hearing about it a few years ago. Out of the media, out of my mind, I suppose. It is good to know that Alan Wake is finally going to see the light of the game!

  2. It’s looking damn good. I’ve not played a good horror title in a while, especially the ones that have a more profound impact on you, like Silent Hill or Fatal Frame. Those games are messed up, especially the scenes with Pyramid Head. I mean, he’s a murderer, damn scary, unstoppable, and a rapist to boot!

  3. The first time I heard about the game was when they had a person play the game at Microsoft’s press conference over at E3.

    I remember watching and thinking about how good the graphics were, but the game play just made me yawn.

  4. I am truly looking forward to this and hope that a Windows 7 Home Premium compatible machine will support the requirements for this game.

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