Activision Announces New Titles

Activision Announces New Titles

After raking in over 1 billion dollars in revenue Activision announced big plans for upcoming licenced games.

Game enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that Activision planes to have completed new James Bond, Spider Man and Tony Hawk games by the end of the year.

However there are few details about the new James Bond game although there are rumours that treyarch will be developing it since they created the Quantum of Solace adaption. Other rumours circulating the internet say the game will serve as a prequel to an unannounced movie. Remember, until this is official it is just fan hype.

There was little detail on the newly announced Spider Man game. Yet again there is unofficial speculation that it is related to the Spider Man 4 movie project.

The announcement of yet another Tony Hawk game was very intriguing because as fans of the series know, Towny Hawks RIDE will be available in late 2009 so there is potential for two games in the series to be released in one year.
New Tony Hawk game TBD (Not RIDE)

New Tony Hawk game TBD (Not RIDE)

Overall I am a bit sceptical about Activision since they have several top brands in the works and now many more licenced games which are slated for release in 2009 and early 2010 but they have pulled off spectacular stuff in the past.

Kudos to Activision for what should be another excellent year in gaming.

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