5 free MMORPG’s that are worth playing


Everywhere you go you hear about WoW, Lineage, Everquest, Aion or any other game with a weird name that involves going out and killing different NPC’s with the AI of a hamster until you drop. You are helped by a great sword and the entire time you’re doing this to grab another, better sword. Epic! Your friend, Michal has a level 30 hunter in Lord Of The Rings Online and wants to play with you and together you will conquer the underground passages of Moria. Sounds great! You run to the closer store and get ready for the great upcoming adventure. You ask about the game and from 3 to 5 minutes later you are stunned. Literally. You have to pay monthly fees! Not only that, but they are pretty solid – from 15 to 30$ a month. You screw the game, go home and cry yourself to sleep. Can this be helped? Of course. With free to play MMO’s. Lately, more and more free to play MMORPG games are showing up that have the reasons to be so proud of themselves and it terms of quality some of them can compete with the retail ones. This is a simple list I’ve compiled of 5 free to play MMORPG’s that will not only serve as great alternatives, but at some point will suck you in so hard, you won’t know the meaning of the word “sleep”.


Shaiya is rock solid. And I mean it. Shiya combines classical Korean MMO tricks with innovative idea, polished gameplay, beautiful graphics and hardcore gameplay. The first noticeable thing is the fact that Shiya allows players to choose their difficulty when creating their characters. The difficulty of the game ranges from easy mode, where you’ll level as fast as hell, but will be highly limited to Ultimate mode where you can see just how man you are. The thing about the Ultimate mode is that it includes the popular to hack and slash RPG’s concept of permanent death. Once you die, your character is kaput. And by that I mean deleted. You heard right. So be careful of what you select. With that Shiya combines the popular concept for some MMORPG developers of “Lineage 2 is a fun game, I like this and that. Let’s implement it into Shaiya. Reverse engineering rulez!”. Shiya offers a fair amount of grind, nice PvP and a great deal of content.

Runes Of Magic

If you’ve ever played WoW, and hated it – skip this game. Runes Of Magic is WoW through and through(just as WoW was Everquest, how ironic). Thankfully, the developers made the game at the standard of free to play MMO’s and you, the WoW fan, may find it a bit hard. They also liked ideas from other MMO’s like Guild Wars(class combos) and a few other popular concepts. Runes Of Magic also looks and plays much better than the game it was based on and includes tons of content. The game also includes the popular feature of player housing, mounts, transformations and about a ton more. Runes Of Magic is highly ambitious. The PvP is pretty hardcore and the game comes with the Lineage 2 feature of castle vs castle wars. Runes Of Magic is a great free to play MMO, especially if your only MMO is WoW.


9Dragons is probably the best game in this list. Why? Because the game is a truly complex and hardcore RPG with more content than most of the games listed above. 9Dragons is a martial arts MMO with tons of original ideas, super complex gameplay mechanics and, highly addictive PvP. The game focuses itself on the popular kung fu concept while you, the kung fu fan get to select one of the nine clans you wish to join. Each clan has a different weapon of choice, different techniques and different enemies. 9Dragons is also the most authentic martial arts MMORPG out there. In short, even if you don’t like MMORPG’s you should try 9Dragons.

Atlantica Online

The popular concept of turn-based JRPG’s has been taken and put to good use into an MMO known as Atlantica. The players take role as descendants of the great race of Atlantians. Your quest is to find the lost of city of Atlantis. Atlantica offers a great deal of content and a great PvP system. The biggest innovation of the game is, as mentioned above, the turn based battle system. We’ve already seen that in MMO’s like Conquest online, but Atlantica takes this to a whole new level. Atlantica will be a blast for anyone whose played Final Fantasy, for example, and will feel quite at home. Over-ally, Atlantica is a very polished free to play MMO with tons of innovative ideas, tons of standard MMO ideas, and combines all that into very addictive gameplay.


First, Rakion has nothing to do with the games above in terms of gameplay mechanics, or with any MMO you’ve probably seen. Rakion is a cell based action game with role playing elements. What SoftNyx did with Rakion is take your average multplayer FPS hit, remove the guns and put swords, magic and sorcery and change the perspective from first person to third person. Along the way they added a solid battle system from classical beat ’em up games, a fair amount of content and great graphics. Rakion also includes RPG elements. You are allowed to model the character’s statistics and, of course, select a class. Each class has a different play style and mechanics.


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