44% of the Console Gamers in the US are female

44% of the Console Gamers in the US are female

After a massive research, NPD Group have come to the result that 44% of the console gamers in the US are female. The research was done with over 20 893 participants. The research shows that 24% are aged between 2 – 12, 20% – 25 to 34 and 17% percent – between 35 and 44 years old. Of course, the preferred console is the Xbox 360.  This love for the X360 can only be explained by one thing – the PS3 controller does not include a vibration feature. 😀

This fact leads to a very interesting discussion about girls and gaming, which, unfortunately we’ll have to discuss another time.

btw: The chances of you meeting a hot girl that’s a solid gamer are 1:5000(the chances of a human being getting hit by a lightning). Who knows.. one day..

Article from Gamersyndrome.com


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