2009’s Topish PC Case Mods

So for the past few days I have brought you the top case modifications from PS3’s and Xbox 360’s but now it is time to tap the PC.

The PC is where case mods originate. It is the grandaddy of modification and the Michelangelo of gaming. To make things clear I am discussing Michelangelo the artist not Michelangelo the ninja turtle who does in fact star in some classic games.

Due to this PC gamers are always loyal to their consoles and in some form of heated debate with one another about something. Anyways this leads to a lot of fuss over stuff; in this case it leads to a fuss over which case mod is the number one case mod of 2009. So I have created a list of many cool PC mods but I feel if I create some kind of numerical list some hardcore PC gamer would probably put my life in danger.

So here is my list of the Top PC Case Mods, can you digg it:


MMMhh, who wouldn’t tap that?

pizza-box-case-mod-01-201207MMMhh, pizza!


This mod is not for childeren.


Yeah, I want to ride that shit.


Geeks Unite!


crotch rocket!


enter the Matrix.


mmmhhh, toaster!


don’t bend the disc.


I am Skeletor!!

So, there are some of the coolest PC case mods of 2009. Anyways since there are plenty out there feel free to post links of other cool case mods in the comment section.

pyramid-pc Hahah you thought that was it. I will leave you with this great pyramid modification which looks great.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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