2009 Holiday Gaming Guide – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of GamerSyndrome’s 2009 Holiday Gaming Guide.  If you’ve been following this seasonal weekly feature, then you know by know that this is not a list of upcoming wish list items.  No, the games listed here are titles you can play while you wait to unwrap some more current games this holiday season.

Last week, we listed five lengthy games which have the potential of lasting you until whatever holiday it is you celebrate that entails the unraveling of gifts.  With just about three weeks left until said festivities, we present you with five more games that should keep you busy for the next 20 days or so.

Grand Theft Auto IV (PC, 360, PS3)
This game could have easily fit into last week’s list, but it looks good here too!  GTA IV comes packed to the brim with missions, cars, and guns.  If that’s not enough to keep you busy until Christmas, then who knows what is.  If you’re waiting on The Ballad of Gay Tony, then this is sure to tide you over until then.

Also try: GTAIV: The Lost and Damned (360), GTA: Chinatown Wars (DS, PSP), any one of the GTA games from last gen

Halo 3 (360)
Enjoy the first-person shooting more than the third-person, eh?  Well, Halo 3’s got you covered.  Released two years ago, Halo 3 is one of those games that manage to age well.  If you need some FPS thrills to last you up until the Festival of Lights, then Halo 3 seems like the optimal choice.

Also try: Halo (PC, Xbox), Halo 2 (PC, Xbox)

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA)
Your mom told you she’d get you Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story for Christmas, so now you have to wait until then, right?  Well, why not try playing Mario & Luigi: Superstar Sage for the Game Boy Advance?  The first in the Mario & Luigi series offers gamers all the humor and fantastic gameplay the series is known for, and it’s a pretty long-lasting game to boot.

Also try: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (DS), Paper Mario (N64), Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GCN)

Resident Evil 4 (PC, PS2, GCN, Wii)
While the Wii Edition of RE4 may be the definitive version of the game, you can easily enjoy any of the releases (except for the PC version; that one was kind of weak).  Not only one of the greatest RE games, RE4 is one of the best survival horror games ever created.  It definitely goes perfectly with that cold December chill.

Also try: RE0 (GCN), RE5 (PC, 360, PS3)

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
Not only is Super Mario Galaxy one of Mario’s greatest adventures, but it is also one of the best games on the Wii to this very day.  A decent-sized quest, great platforming mechanics, new elements, a beautiful orchestral score, and some of the best graphics on the Wii all make up Super Mario Galaxy.  With so much to do, it wouldn’t be surprising if Super Mario Galaxy lasted you up until and all throughout Kwanzaa.

Also try: Super Mario 64 (N64, VC), Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES, SNES, GBA, VC)

Thanks for joining us for Part 2 of our 2009 Holiday Gaming Guide.  We hope to see you next week, where we’ll feature some more great titles.  If we don’t see you next week, we’ll assume you’re busy playing Halo 3 or Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

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  1. I’ve got a friend whose daughter is into Mario Brothers so much that she likes to collect anime and all sorts of pics of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. I really should try and send her one of those Wii games for her birthday in March, since her mom just purchased, after two fruitless years of trying, their first Nintendo Wii game system.

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