When the gaming magic’s gone..

It’s quite common and can happen to the best of us. This phenomenon can be seen often in multiplayer gamers. What happens when you’re tired of your favorite games? Tired of all the frags, all the levels, all the items.. What to do then?


Do you remember the first time you played an MMO? You didn’t care about anything, you didn’t care much about gear, you were just killing mobs and enjoying the world. But what happens when a MMORPG gamer evolves. I’ll tell you what. The gaming term is “you get hardcore” the normal term is “the game turns into your job”. You start farming and grinding like crazy. There’s always someone you have to pass, you need gold for equipment, you need funds for your guild/clan/house hall. You want that item soo bad, but it seems like you’ll never get enough money for it. Leveling is slow, the game consumes time like crazy, your guild/clan/house mates are always angry at you for some reason, you just want to stop! But you can’t. You have to keep going. You need PvP gear. You just want to get stronger. Noobs annoy you. You hate them. Every little issue is like an endless torture. Your party always act like idiots. And it seems like everyone else is doing much better than you. The game turns into a job. A boring job where you do the same thing over and over – kill mobs/get gold, find someone to buy/sell/trade, go boss raiding.. Start over.. What to do then? The only thing you have – stop, uninstall the game, and if you still want to play – get into something single player. Take a long break from the game, until your dead brain cells can recover(if that’s even possible). But if you can’t stop – things have gotten more serious. Delete your character. That’s the only thing you have left.

Multiplayer Shooters

Not so different from MMO’s. The first few days/weeks are really fun. Everything’s perfect. You get killed alot – who cares, you do it for fun. You have no ideas why the other guys are always swearing at you – it’s just a game. But then things start to get more serious. Especially if you want to go pro. From fun and dynamic the gameplay turns endless and boring. You find a clan, that’s it – you’re done for. The game turns into one endless training session. You always have to train, always! You can’t just play anymore – you have to play to win! Your team keeps pushing you. You just want to be able to beat those other guys, but you can’t. There’s always someone who will be better than you. But you can’t accept that. You beat one clan and start training to beat the next. From friends your team turn to endless whiners who always blame each other. Noobs turn from newbie players to annoying fags, who always have something to ask. What to do then? Again, you’ll have to uninstall the game. There’s no character deletion here(at least, not on most games). You have to find a way to leave everything behind you.

RTS(Real time strategies)

Yet again, you start out as a simple noob, but you have lots of fun. There’s always something new for you to discover. Again you see people acting strange just because they loose. You get called noob alot, but hey – you don’t care. At least until you come up with a great uber strategy to crush that guy’s main base. The problems start when that strategy fails. You start asking yourself – am i really that stupid? Can’t i beat some noob? You start thinking of new strategies, but no matter what you come up with – you always fail to someone. The problems get deeper when you get a clan/team. The amount of pressure not to let your fellow players down. Free time is never enough. You start getting late for school/work. You just have to train more and more. There’s always some fight you have to prepare for. Everyone annoys you with their little problems. Screw you,man! I’ve gotta train. But you have to realize one thing – you’ll never be strong enough. Again, just uninstall the game, and don’t play strategies for a while.

That about wraps it up for the three most popular and time consuming genres. If this seems a little harsh to you – you’ve never seen what a game can do to you. Of course, there are other genres such as Racers and Sports, but the above paragraphs should cover those as well. If you’re planning on going pro – think again. Can you handle the pressure?

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. Remember those two guys I mentioned in the article about the kidnapping? Lemme tell you the story.

    It was an old BYOND game I had a mod status on (forgot the name, this was years ago), and if you die, you randomly drop things. Of course, it was written that if something is on the ground, it’s “Public Property”.

    So, someone got the chest, and looking through the game logs and forum logs after I saw a lot of head-butting, threats were involved, IRL threats were involved, a war broke out over a fairly powerful weapon, and the community was divided over the whole thing. Eventually, I got tired of it.

    “Enough of this. Starman Sr. and Daggitz are banned for three months for taking the game too seriously. Oh, and that bow? Deleted it.” and it was followed by a lecture over how people were taking the game too seriously, and letting in-game issues spill over into real life.

    The community shaped up real fast when I said “If I see another IRL threat, your personal data is getting handed over to the police.”, I didn’t want to have to get all serious on them, but games are meant to be fun. I don’t have a problem with people not having fun, but I will bite your head off if you don’t let others have fun. Ah those were my golden days.

  2. With MMORPG’S, once I play one of them for a while, I don’t really get addicted, no matter how long I play.

    And with First person shooters, I tend to enjoy the first few weeks, not caring about how my kill/death ratio on COD: World at War is 12/23, but soon after, I turned into quite a good player (top 8000 for TDM kills on Xbox Live), but I still had fun with the game, I still laughed at being “owned”.

  3. “The game turns into one endless training session. You always have to train, always! You can’t just play anymore – you have to play to win!”
    That sounds like me when I played COD4. At first it’s like “Hey man chillout, just a game” *Two months later…* “WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM? YOU F****** NEWB B****!, gah”.

  4. i wrote a paper for one of my classes that was loosely related to this, basically it had a bunch of examples of gaming spilling over to real life. There was one case where one guy stabbed his friend with a Katana because he sold one of his best items, theres also another story where a kid mugged and killed an old woman to get 10 dollars to play at a gaming cafe.

    Gaming messes you up

  5. @Karoken, one or two horror stories doesn’t condemn an entire media. Even look at sports, they are contributed to more social problems then video games by quite a bit.

  6. Actually what this is called is addiction, and it happens in all kinds of games and in all kinds of hobbies. It’s the need to do the game more than anything else. You forget you have a family. Sadly, it’s very real for some people. They need an intervention.

  7. Actually i’m not talking about addiction, or at least not that much. Since, you can be addicted to any game. I’m talking about when the game turns into your job, you hate it, but you just have to keep on playing against your will so you don’t dissapoint anyone, or yourself.

  8. I was playing Diablo 2 so much I had a dream that I was fighting in the secret cow level… that didnt work out to well… is that considered addicted? or just going crazy? haha

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