Uncharted 2 Gets DLC Fort For Free on November 27th

Uncharted 2 Gets DLC Fort For Free on November 27th

Black Friday is coming up, and PS3 owners are most probably going to stay home this year, why, well Naughty Dog have announced that they are releasing a new map named “Fort”, for Uncharted 2,¬†absolutely free on November 27th, Friday.

A title update will add the new map, “Fort”. The map is said to be based on the “Fortress” chapter of Drake’s Fortune.

Naughty Dog’s press release had this to say:

“The Fort is a long rectangular map with wide open spaces and excellent flank routes.” There’s a shotgun in the center of the map and an RPG in the crypt (the inevitable resting place of people on the wrong end of that weapon). Best of all, this update will be free”

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