Top 5 Games Based On Anime or Manga

5.Bleach – Heat Of The Soul

Bleach is my favorite anime series. Unfortunately, Heat of The Soul didn’t make it any further than fifth place. The game was really fun, but got repetitive after a while. The game is a beat ’em up based entirely on the Bleach universe, with an enormous character database, cell shaded graphics and lots of combos! Fun!

4.Soul Eater – Battle Resonance

Soul Eater is relatively new(still hasn’t been aired outside of japan), but an amazingly good anime. The anime is mostly parody, with ecchi(porn) elements. Fortunately(or unfortunately), Battle Resonance has no ecchi elements and is another beat ’em up with cell shaded graphics. The characters ain’t as much as Heat of The Soul but the fun is doubled!

3.Sword Of The Berserk – Gut’s Rage

If you’re 18+ and watched Berserk or played the game, you know that it’s a very dark fantasy setting, with lots of nudity, demons and violence. Berserk will always be one of the best stories i have ever seen – simple, yet really well told. Sword Of The Berserk is a third person action game based on one manga arc – the mandragora one.

2.Afro Samurai

Again – swordplay, violence and.. afro hair. Afro Samurai is a very good Samurai story, in a “futuristic, yet feudal Japan”. The game was a third person action, with cell shaded(again) graphics that ,surprisingly ,was released on the PC.Not to mention the star crew of the game(Afro is voiced by Samuel Jackson), and the incredible soundtrack.

1.Ragnarok Online

Yes, Ragnarok is based on a manga series, that, unfortunately weren’t so popular outside of Korea. Well the game is a very popular MMORPG with cell shaded(yes, again) graphics. It offers a complex gameplay, a rich world, good PvP and a great RPG system.

The 5 games that didn’t make it on the list (but deserve to)

-Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

Alot of fans didn’t like me not putting this game on the list. So they threatened me with guns. Just kidding, of course. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is another beat ’em up in the series of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. The character database, just like Heat Of The Soul is enormous. Another great thing(for fans) are the graphics – they do look fabulous, and cell shaded.

-Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

Yes, again – it’s a beat ’em up(also known as fighting) game. And yes, again – pretty much all of the characters in the anime are available for play, which is certainly a plus. Oh wait, again – it’s cell shaded, and long running. I’ve never been such a big fan of Dragonball Z, but i can’t deny that the game’s good.


On popular demand, this game is here as well. It’s a series of games based on the .hack universe(which is pretty popular). The games take place after the .hack//Roots anime series. .hack//Roots serves as a prologue to the G.U. The game is released in three volumes – Vol.1 Rebirth, Vol.2 Reminisce and Vol.3 Redemption. Unlike most of the previous games, this one includes an actual story.

-One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

One Piece is one of the longest running anime series out there. And one of the most popular. So who could deny a One Piece game? The game is an action adventure, which offers several gameplay modes. Nothing out of the usual.

-Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir

Action RPG based on the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. What more is there to say. Typical JRPG style, cell shaded graphics, and lots of Edward. The plot is loosely based around the events of the first few episodes of the anime (with some plot elements borrowed from the manga).

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  1. Nah only the ones based on Naruto (or avatar for quick GS lol) but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the .hack series and I’m going to rent one of them after I’m bored with the Winter releases.

  2. I have played Afro Samurai twice though so I know what I’m talking about, the only part in that game that I really liked was the Afro Drone fight and Ninja-ninja but the anime was so different compared to the game so it was still a disappointment.

  3. Ja, Soul Eater does get serious after a while, not seen the anime due to slow internet, but I’m reading the manga on and off every now and then (Up to where Maka, Soul, and Chrona battle Arachne).

    The original .hack games aren’t that great, but the G.U. series, my friend in Texas speaks highly of them, but I’ve not played them myself. I’m simply not into .hack at all.

  4. Uhm, the .hack anime doesn’t suck. It’s actually pretty good. But the games aren’t. That’s why i didn’t post them on the list. I’ve played .hack//Infection, and .hack//G.U. and found them to be nothing like innovative or even fun. Or even close.
    What you did with Naruto: USM is tell me to put the game on the list because it has good graphics..
    Anyway, list updated. Ya happy now, fanboys? 😀

  5. I have to say that I wasn’t impressed with the top 5 but it is probably just me in that I don’t like violent, blood and guts games and that is what those sounded like for the most part. Real life is violent enough without having this mess.

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