Star Ocean

This role-playing game was developed by tri-Ace and published by Enix. Star Ocean is a video game released in July 1996 and features a single player mode. The story line is similar to the series Star Trek.

The battles that are in this game are take place in real time in contrast with most RPG games. The player is in control of one character and then the computer controls the other three players. The player is also capable of influencing the way the storyline unfolds. This is made possible by the selection of different characters in the game and working with them differently in private actions.

Features in this game include special techniques that the player can use in battle. These techniques will help you exert more damage than the average attacks would actually do. The long-range techniques can be used when the target is at a long range while the short-range techniques can only be used when you are at melee range. Magical spells that temporarily pause time are a part of the special techniques in Star Ocean.

The characters in this game include:

Roddick Farrence who is the game’s main character is a guardian of Kratus, his hometown that is on the planet Roak. His quest is to find the cure to a virus that has plagued towns nearby and continues to spread throughout the planet. He embarks on this quest with other friends and helpers.

Millie Chilette is a friend of Roddick and is good in healing magic while using her staff as a weapon.
Phia Melle is the head of the Astral Knights who uses daggers as her weapon when fighting. She throws three daggers at medium range at her enemy.

Ronyx J. Kenny is the captain of the Terrain Alliance Starship and uses the crossbow and the phase gun when fighting.

Ashlay Bernbeldt is a highlander soldier who has outstanding sword skills that he needs to pass on to someone as he is looking to retirement from the battlefield.

Joshua Jerand is capable of casting spells that either destruct or heal.

Mavelle Froeseen is a wizard who joins the company of Ronyx and Millis when the journey to Ionis. She uses a magic orb as her weapon.

Ilia Silvestri is the head science officer on the Terrain Alliance Starship who uses claws and martial arts when in battle.

Star Ocean also features in-battle voices and emotional levels between characters.

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