Resident Evil 5: Chris’s African Safari

The Resident Evil genre has been around since the release of the first game on Playstation in 1996. The game, which was described as a “horror survival” instantly drew great success, and millions of players tried their luck against the swarms of zombies.  Capcom released Resident Evil 2 in 1998 and then the third title the next year. This trend continued and Resident Evil can be seen on almost any platform from Xbox to PC.

The latest installment in the series, Resident Evil 5 takes the hero from Resident Evil  deep into the jungles of Africa, years after the Raccoon City incident. Players must battle numerous infected Africans called Majini, which translates to “evil spirit” in Swahili. Wading through the hordes of angry Majini, players must then hunt down the myserious source of the infection, which turns out to be…. Well, I won’t ruin it. The game features numerous tentacle clad “bosses” as seen in Resident Evil 4, and the odd cinematic that prompts players to mash the controller quickly or die a horrible death.

As the enemies have evolved from shuffling zombies to cunning infected, the gameplay has evolved from collecting items and slashing at Nemisis with a knife to…… co-operative gameplay! Thats right, Resident Evil is no longer a solo mission, and the entire campaign can be played online with a friend. This adds a unique twist to the game, as players must rely on each other instead of simply gunning down zombies with near infinite ammo as seen in Resident Evil 4. One player plays Leon Kennedy, the BSAA operative and veteran of Raccoon City, the second player controls Sheva Alomar, another BSAA agent from Africa. Much of the game integrates co-op gameplay, and the game is not nearly enough fun without a second player, it also doesnt help that the computer AI that will sit in for Sheva is mediocre at best.


Resident E vil 4 features over 20 weapons, and the genre finally has the AK-47 that no zombie game should be without. The game, like the previous Resident Evil 4, also features several unlockable weapons, one of which is a gatling gun. Resident evil 5 also features a mercenaries component that allows players to play a survival type game against waves of undead, this gametype also features several weapons seen in the previous installments of Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 5 is a must have for any serious gamer, although not as impressive as the earlier titles, the series still packs an impressive punch. The co-operative element and mercenaries minigame gives the game longevity and unlocking all of the bonus weapons will keep you playing for days. A multiplayer mode would have been nice, but the campaign is so well done that it can be forgiven. Each cutscene is beautiful and action-packed, and there is alot of them, this makes the campaing play more like a horror movie than a zombie shooter, which adds a nice feel to the whole experience. In short, Resident Evil 5 is well designed, looks great, and carrys the plot of the series effectively, if you are a fan of the horror-survival genre.. this game is for you.

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  1. Not to be a dick, but you don’t Leon Kennedy isn’t in the game, you play Chris Redfield from RE1. Resident Evil isn’t a genre. And the item system was just plain broken. RE4 did so many things right, it’s terrible that Capcom falls back into bad habits. Hell even armor takes up an inventory slot, which as one reviewer I know said, “I’m carrying armor inside my armor’s inventory!?”. The game just feels cheap, RE4’s movement system is outdated, way outdated. I’m assuming this was written before the multiplayer battle DL was released. Me and my brother beat this on normal in less then 18 hours, and if you are playing Co-op, the player playing Sheva doesn’t get any trophies. I had to play it twice back to back so it grew on me, and it’s not a terrible game. Just not acceptable for what they should’ve done.

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