“Slimming” backwards compatability out of the PS3 … and more?

“Slimming” backwards compatability out of the PS3 … and more?

While the gaming industry and community is abuzz with talk about the PS3 Slim, its weight loss does not make this unit any sexier. Some of the known specs are wonderful, like an upgradable hard drive and less power consumption, but for the die-hard gamer, they will be in for a disappointment.

Gone is PS2 backwards compatibility and for computer nerds, installing a third party OS like certain flavours of Linux will no longer be possible. Also strangely taken out of the equation is Sony’s latest 3.0 firmware. It will not ship at the time of launch and these details were confirmed by Sony Computer Entertainment America’s hardware marketing director John Koller.

Koller also confirmed that the unit will not include an on/off power button at the rear.

For gamers wondering what they will have, it will not be much, other than a slightly affordable and perhaps more upgradable device.

But for a unit without backwards compatability, gamers who have a library of PS2 games should not toss the older console into the garbage. While the graphics are outdated the games library is vast; there is still some value to the old clunker—Sony plans to continue selling the PS2, PS3 and the Slim well into 2012.

Perhaps Sony hopes gamers will supplement their home arcade with a second and third unit.

When doing the math, $99 for a functional PS2 plus another $299 to play the latest PS3 titles is no different than shelling out for an early gen PS3 that was backwards compatible. But when the only trim is financially more like a fattening of a company’s wallet-line, will we see a plus-size model adding features than taking away?

Perhaps not because retro-gaming is not considered mainstream trendy.

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