Uncharted 2 Co-op Strategy

So you’ve beat Single Player on Crushing, but you’re just not feeling ready to prove yourself to the world in competitive multiplayer. No problem, Naughty Dog has you covered by adding an online co-op campaign that still feels like the single player experience but with a different storyline and option to get help with your friends over the playstation network (PSN). But like many other games the Co-op is much more difficult than single player with the addition of tougher enemies and more of them.  Players must work together in order to get to the end of the level and claim their victory. Think you got this down? Well just in case, here’s a strategy to make sure that you get past some pesky enemies without even breaking a sweat.

Tip #1: Teamwork, Teamwork, uhhhh…… Teamwork!

First, make sure you have a good and reliable team. Teamwork is key in many games, but in this one you will definitely need it. Having good teammates will minimize the number of time you get downed and having only 3 people per session versus’ off more than 20 NPCs a time. Yeah the odds are pretty much against you. So you or your teammates shouldn’t go idiosyncratic (that is an awesome and a politically correct word).

Tip #2: We were not ready for this!

Always have a strategy. There will be some points where you will run into a chain gun guy and he’s just raining down hell onto you and your boys. Well here’s a free strategy that you have the rights to claim as your own because you are just too awesome for reading this. This kind of goes with #1, Communication is needed. Come on guys this isn’t Demon Souls where there is no voice chat available in the game (Oh great, From Software hates me now). But anyway here’s a way to take down the chain gun guys, have two guys stay behind cover at a reasonable distance away from the target while the third guy goes around to flank the target, make sure the third guy has a pump shotgun or a sawn off shotgun to make sure that there will not be any enemies in his way for the kill. For the two guys behind cover, whoever has the most machine gun ammo out of the two shoot the target this should have the target concentrate his fire on the guys behind cover other than the one who is flanking. There is a strong possibility that the guy whose shooting will either run out of ammo or get downed, that is when the other guy comes in handy, get your buddy up or take over the shooter’s job. Alright when the flank guy reaches the target, without hesitating, unleash hell onto the target and mission complete. I strongly suggest that you should just keep on shooting after he’s dead and check if the guy from Halo’s multiplayer says “OVERKILL!” or hear Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legend say “DECAPITATION!” in the background, if this doesn’t happen, do it yourself you deserve it. But if you don’t have a strategy you will possibly not survive, Leeroy Jenkins wannabes will not be rewarded.

Congratulations, you just survived Co-op. Now go out and play some competitive matches because you are good enough to do it by now. If you still don’t have the guts to well………. we can’t help you.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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