PS3 Slim 299 Euros In France

PS3 Slim 299 Euros In France

Finally, the cat has been let out Sony’s bag.

Heh, leave it to the French to help us out when in doubt over a rumor.

A Frecnh retailer has confirmed the existence of the much talked about PS3 Slim. The news came in after the retailer confirmed it at an interview over at Jeux Video Network, the interview is in French however.

“Yes, the PS3 Slim is a reality, it will soon emerge.” Is what the retailer said when questioned over the Slim.

There has been no release date as of yet, but already rumors are emerging that it will be September.

The PS3 Slim was supposed to be kept in all secrecy, so what led the retailer to passing on the secret over an interview? It’s something that still hasn’t been answered. Also, it’s still not fully known why the PS3 Slim will only cost 299 Euros from launch, but I’m thinking it’s possibly got something to do with the 70 per cent cost reduction in building a PS3.

This is quite a smooth move from Sony, the PS3 Slim is bound to sell many… as long as the price doesn’t change dramatically in the U.S and U.K.

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