Ubisoft – Going Through the Motions

Ubisoft have announced that they have “around 10” games planned for Project Natal and 4-5 titles for the Ps3’s motion control support.

CEO, Yves Guillemot stated;

“We have around 10 games that will come for Natal during the first six months of the launch of Natal, and we expect between four to five games for the new controller [from] Sony. “That’s the picture at the moment; it can change in the next 12 months,” adding that most of these titles would be “casual games”.

In a previous conference, discussing Ubisoft’s financial earnings, Guillemot was asked whether he thought motion control games released for these systems would help the companies sell more hardware or just help Ubisoft in software distribution;

“What I think is that Natal and the new Motion Controller for the PS3 will … allow us to create games that we can only create for the Wii before and with the ability to then do it on PS3 and 360 some dancing games, some fitness games, some party games as well. This will allow those consoles to increase their base … we think it will help those two companies to broaden their audience.”

Guillemot also hinted that there may be a chance that other games could include a motion control aspect, without it being the games major feature. It is unsure as to whether the recently anounced Prince of Persia title will include any from of motion control.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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