PSP Minis for the PS3

PSP Minis for the PS3

Sony has confirmed that, as of December 17, players will be able to play PSP minis via their PS3. The next firmware update will include a PSP mini emulator, allowing users to download the games for use on both the PS3 and PS3.

PSP minis are small games, around 100mb or less in size that were released alongside the PSPgo. Sony stated in their blog that the majority of PSP minis will be compatible with the PS3.

“If you buy a Minis game from the 17th it will work on both platforms so if you have a PS3 and PSP you will only need to buy it once and it will be available to download to your PS3 and your PSP,” PlayStation Network product manager James Thorpe confirmed via the blog.

Any players who have already downloaded some of the games will be able to download them again for free by going into their downloads list in the playstation store.

As well as the PSP mini emulator, players will also see a feature that will allows them to transfer data from one console to the other much more easily in the latest firmware update.

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