Playstation 3 on the facebook bandwagon

Playstation 3 on the facebook bandwagon

With todays news that XBOX360 now has two new social networking features Twitter and Facebook, Sony Playstation 3 is getting on the band wagon.  With the hopefully soon to be release of Firmware update v3.10 users will get Facebook capabilities.  The bad news is that PS3 will not be providing full facebook functionality in this release and will lack almost all basic functions of facebook.  What users will be able to do is share information about what games they have purchased through the Playstation Network (PSN) and what trophies they have won online.

Although this is early news and Sony has been pretty tight lipped about the service it does not seem like an application that many users will use until more facebook features are integrated into the firmware.  From first glance at the news it looks like just a way for Playstation 3 to advertise and sell more games through tapping into social networking rather then giving their users a useful and full featured application.

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