Metal Gear Online: 24 Hour Survival Challenge

Konami have revealed that on the 28th of November players will have the chance to unlock rare in-game content and win a nice stash of reward points through the day.

The online contest will reward teams with the best winning streaks. All players who enter within the 24 hour time frame will nab a free in-game T-shirt, unfortunately though, the event will be capped at 3000 players so it’s very much first come, first served. Konami have noted that;

”To be eligible for the prizing players would need to log into the game and join a Survival game for the minimum of one round”

So if you want to get hold of some free stuff they expect you to stick around, and rightly so. The only prize items revealed are; four different Regain T-shirts and a Regain hat. Anything else that may be available remains a mystery.

Konami have also noted that the scheduled Survival games for November 25, December 23, January 20, and February 24 will be cancelled to make way for further 24 hour survival challenges.

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