Dante’s Inferno Demo

Dante’s Inferno Demo

It has been announced that the Demo for Dante’s Inferno will be coming to both Xbox 360 an PS3 this month.

The demo will feature the opening level of the game, following Dante’s journey into hell to rescue his lover, Beatrice. The demo will be available on the Playstation Network from December 10 and on Xbox Live, a little later, from December 24.

“The world of Alighieri’s Dante’s Inferno is such a rich, detailed, and often alarming universe, that all of us at Visceral Games put our hearts, and dare I say souls, into creating something truly intense and exciting,” said executive producer Jonathan Knight. “We hope gamers enjoy this tease of hell, and come away from the experience lusting for more when the game comes out on February 9.”

With its unique advertising game and interesting concept, following a famous piece of classic literature, many of you will probably itching to try out this upcoming release. 360 owners, I urge you to hijack a PS3 on December 10, if you can. Those two weeks will feel like a very long wait indeed.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com


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