Assassin’s Creed II DLC Revealed

At the beginning of the month Ubisoft announced plans to release two DLC expansions for Assassin’s Creed 2, which would fill in the missing memories from the game.

IGN has now unveiled further information, offering pricing details as well as brief summaries of what the extra missions entail.

The first installment of DLC is The Battle of Forlie (sequence 12) which is set for a release of January 2010, priced at $3.99. Here Ezio defends the town of Forli from the Osri brothers. This DLC will see a return of Da Vinci’s flying machine and will offer six new memories.

The second expansion, Bonfire of the Vanities (sequence 13), will be released in February, priced at $4.99. Here, Ezio has to rescue the city from Savonarola. This will include ten new memories and incorporate a new move called the Spring Jump.

Both of these downloads will also feature more frequent appearances of Machiavelli.

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