3d ps3 by 2010?

We have heard a lot about 3D over the years and recently a lot of revelations that 3D TV is finally viable and will be in production within the next couple of years. Sony in a bid to dominate the entertainment console market and set itself apart from the competition announced during a presentation to investors that the PS3 will go 3D by the end of 2010. A few previous demos for the PS3 in 3D have already been shown in the past as well as the ” rel=”nofollow”>latest 3D tv demo by Sony.

The 3D technology would be based on NVIDIA’s 3D technology already being implemented on laptop computers. this gives them a couple years to improve on the technology because at current it requires a 120HZ monitor for fluid motion. Of course, a gamer would still need a 3D-capable Bravia HDTV and glasses, classic Sony proprietism.

News also reported on Kotaku and Cnet

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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