PS3 Motion Controller Set for 2010

PS3 Motion Controller Set for 2010

At this year’s E3, it was evident that everyone wanted in on the whole motion-sensing market.  Microsoft announced Project Natal, a camera-based motion-sensing device that is currently being marketed as a “controller-free experience.”  And Sony announced their motion controller, a baton-shaped peripheral with an orb placed at the top that will be used in congruence with the PlayStation Eye, Sony’s webcam peripheral for use with the PlayStation 3.

The demo at E3 showcased various uses for the motion controller.  One of the demonstrations featured a fantasy adventure game set in a first-person view.  The controller was being used as a sword, and the movements translated onto the prototype game.  It was also made clear that up to four motion controllers could be used at once, so the new controller could be represented in multiplayer gaming.

While we have yet to hear much else regarding the controller, Sony’s Kaz Hirai recently stated that plans for a spring 2010 release are currently underway.  While no specific games were mentioned, Hirai went on to say that Sony has been hard at work developing software that will be compatible with the controller.

What can we expect from Sony this coming spring?  Will the new motion controller be enough to attain the Wii’s user base and possibly impede Microsoft from gaining a following with Project Natal?  How much attention will Sony put into their newest peripheral?  Will the accessory be a failure much like the Sixaxis was?  More importantly, will this new motion-sensing controller appeal to the hardcore fan base, or is it set to garner the attention of the casual gamer?

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